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The black blocs staged demonstrations June in Brazil and many young people were seen attacking public buildings and bank branches being harshly reprimanded by the police. Emerged in the 1980s in Germany as part of the counter-culture movement and in defense of squats, the black bloc tactic of protest originally or can not use violence.

From the 1990s onwards, the technique spread by black bloc anarchist scene, punk, anti-fascists and ecological. And gained strength in mobilizations against neoliberalism and capitalism, as in the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in 1999, in Seattle, in 2001, in Rome, or during the G20 meeting in Toronto in 2010.

Recently, black blocs groups worked in different protests against governments in Greece, Turkey, Chile and Mexico.






#OpSafeWinter Bournemouth ” This story will melt your heart”.http://opsafewinter.org/?p=387 http://opsafewinter.org/?p=387#commentsSun, 22 Dec 2013 00:54:18 +0000http://opsafewinter.org/?p=387

This story will melt your heart.



Scrooged was the first film I ever saw at the pictures and it inspired me massively at at the tender age of 10. The famous speech Bill Murray gave about the Christmas miracle always got me. To this day I have never been able to sing along to it because I’m always crying.
When I heard about opsafewinter organised by Anonymous this year, I knew I wanted to get involved.

So on the 21st December I packed up some sandwiches and mince pies, found some blankets that I don’t use anymore and was ready. Except outside the weather was awful. And when I say awful, I mean torrential rain and gale force winds. The children and I got dressed up in our ski jackets and wellies, hats, scarves and gloves and we set out to the town rendezvous.

My heart was beating when we got there. The three of us got out of the car and gasped as a massive gust blasted us with rain. ‘This is a stupid idea’ I thought.

There were some smiling faces greeting me from the car park. As I approached I beamed my biggest smile, waved hello and cautiously shouted through the howling wind ‘not to put a downer on things, but will anyone even be out in this weather? Will they be in their usual spots?’ Surely not.

We all walked to the group that were stood huddled in the doorway of Bournemouth pier where the organisers suggested we try Westover Road. ‘There’s a bit of a cover there, they might be some people there we should try first.’

So we walked through the howling wind and rain, got onto Westover Road which was packed with cinema goers and Christmas shoppers.

I have to admit it, I gasped and stopped in my tracks when I noticed a man sat on the street, huddled with his knees tucked in, staring at the floor. The group hurried towards him. A frightened face looked up, not knowing what was going on as this small crowd of men women and children looked at him with smiles.

‘Hello mate, can I give you a blanket and some food?’ one woman said as I stood there a little bit dumb struck. He was given a coat, pairs of socks, a hat, blanket and a packed lunch. He pointed up the road stating there were more. He smiled, said thank you and shook our hands. He was soaking wet, so cold when he shook my hand, his hands were swollen with cold and were a purple colour.
Just up the road, we met a Big Issue seller dressed up in a Santa outfit. He was rather speechless when we approached. I said ‘Merry Christmas! Can we get you some food and a blanket?’ He was a lovely man, a big smile. He was huddled in a doorway for shelter selling his magazines.

I had stupidly thought no one would be out in the cold weather. Like they had a choice. A part of me really believed that when things got really bad, there would always be somewhere for them to go to get out of the freezing weather. Yet here this man was, selling magazines in weather that was making me shiver in my thermals, just so he could survive.

My children said hello and introduced themselves. The man in the Santa suit asked them what they wanted for Christmas. I really couldn’t believe it. These are the people we pass every day on the street. Not even noticing.

My children were looking as humble as I was. I thought my four year old would complain she was tired or thirsty or hungry or cold. She complains at the short walk home from school in the sunshine normally. But she didn’t today. By now she was looking around. ‘Mummy, there’s a man sat on the floor over there’ and pulled my coat to move faster.

We went on. The next man was curled up so tight we almost missed him. One of the women shouted ‘over here!’ he was in the rain sat by the Slug and Lettuce bar. It was absolutely packed and people were stood next to him having a cigarette. They didn’t even know he was there. The first thing I noticed were his shoes. Or lack of them. He had old office shoes on that were full of holes that were clearly too small for him. The back of the heels were squashed down because his foot was too big and they looked a bit like slip on shoes from a distance. His socks were sodden through. He was soaked from head to foot and I could see him shivering really strongly. I can’t even imagine how cold he must have been.
Everyone wrapped blankets around him, gave him a sleeping bag. ‘What else can we get for you?’ came a voice from behind an Anon mask. ‘Do you have any shoes? Size 8?’ We didn’t have any shoes. I would have given him the shoes off my feet if I were a size 8.
He looked dazed and confused. We did our best to huddle him up and make him comfortable. He kept saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.

 After going everywhere we could think of in town, it was suggested we call it a day. ‘I know of people down by the Asda car park in town’ I said. The amount of times I had passed these people and the amount of times I had felt guilty for being too nervous to approach them.

What was I scared of? It is so simple! ‘What can I do to help? What do you need? HERE!’ and just do something. How hard is that? It’s the simplest and humblest thing I can think of.

We got to Asda and there they were.

The skin and bone of a man in the wheel chair and the woman who looked after him, sat in the lower car park, in the dark, huddled together.

The man was hunched over, staring at the floor. He raised his head slowly when we approached, like he didn’t have the energy to move any faster. It broke my heart.

The woman was quite young but the streets had aged her beyond her years. She was so friendly and talked to all the children. She beamed at them and asked them their names. My little girl gave her a hug.
They had nothing with them but a bottle of juice. We gave them food, hats, gloves and blankets.

All in all, we gave food, blankets and clothing to around 12 people around the centre of Bournemouth. It was an incredibly humbling experience and one I am eager to repeat in the future. Believe it or not, homeless people genuinely have no place to go, even in torrential rain and gale force winds in winter. I’m sat here writing this blog, looking at my Christmas tree and the roof over our heads and feeling so very grateful beyond words.

My son wants to get his school involved in donating supplies for the next event. My little girl upon coming home, who was cold and wet herself ran into her bedroom and got out our camping sleeping bag.

 She laid it out in the hall and began processing what she had learned the only way a four year old can. Through play. She made herself a little area in the hall way, got into her sleeping bag and started singing to herself. As for me. I have left it far too long. I wanted to do this years ago. I am glad to have made a start. That’s the thing. It’s never to late to start. I will be going back in the new year once I have my therapy room so I can work with them one to one to help them out of whatever hell that got them where they are now.
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#OpSafeWinterNYC #MutualAid Manifesto & Requested #Needshttp://opsafewinter.org/?p=372 http://opsafewinter.org/?p=372#commentsMon, 16 Dec 2013 01:04:02 +0000http://opsafewinter.org/?p=372tumblr_mxm05o0qU51t69jslo1_r1_1280

#OpSafeWinter #MutualAid Manifesto & Requested #Needs
Fellow #Anon, Allies & Dezians of the World Wide Web,
We come to you this holiday season with rather some bad news for you. Something you probably don’t want to hear and once you do you’ll wish we hadn’t said it.
The homeless don’t want your charity.

First of all the only way to cure homelessness is to stop using such an offensive word to describe the lives of a diverse community of all ages, backgrounds, creeds, denominations, faiths, genders and stuff like that.

Before you fire up your credit card or rush out to rent an apartment for some stranger you have to know being House-less has been a concern for ages.
Those who live on the streets don’t want your old worn out clothes or ideas of what their problem is.
In our world of privilege there are countless things that we take for granted that are basic to our day to day life that can’t be donated or bought easily.
Being treated like a human being just like anyone else would be big on that list.
They are not some broken thing or cause you can create a Facebook Group around and get all the right people to like.

What we of NYC #OpSafeWinter have come to believe is that:

-Charity while helpful in some ways in general sucks. The model they use often marginalizes as much as they help and sets up all kinds of hierarchies based on resources availability, nepotism & popularity making them slow, wasteful & impersonal. Love ya Fema & Red Cross but stick to Levies & Shelters it’s what you are good at enough with the shifting Flood Maps & Disaster Food Deliveries made at 10 MPH, thank you.

-Mutual Aid is Sexy. Think about it. Empowering folks to do what they want to do, to get shit done themselves? That’s like a super power. Why fight all the Zombies yourself? Why not talk to the them, find out what they want & I bet there would be a lot less brain eating if you showed them how to use social media to connect with willing humans? Ok the image doesn’t work but had to be sure you were with us.
Google Mutual Aid if you don’t know what we’re flapping about. Talk to an anarchist or a Mennonite, Quaker or Shaker. Statistically Mutual Aid out performs Charity in the hearts, minds, communities & bedrooms across history. It is known.

-Before Mutual Aid comes Mutual Respect. In #OpELE we learned bum rushing random people flash mob style while great for the camera more often than not was a train wreck and most of the people we met are still just as miserable today. After a couple of freak outs & two callings of the authorities we discovered it best to meet folks on their own ground, so to speak. Talking to people individually about what their needs are is the first step of the whole Mutual Aid thing. Once we got to know our neighbors on the streets we coordinated our Operation as what you all saw online.
-Privacy is important. Sabu. Nuff said.
-You can Mix Mutual Aid with Charity, Occupy with Anon. With Sandy & the Operation in Oklahoma we thought we were doing Mutual Aid at first but it wasn’t until we began to embed in the affected communities long term and got to know them did it become that. The only way we found the right allies was It doesn’t work quick & dirty. It takes time to build connections & rapport.
-Working with Friends is more fun & everyone gets to play. Kinda says it all. Sharing is caring, team work makes things go faster, community is key, everybody deserves a seat at the table. Blah Blah Blah. Affinity Groups, Teams, Clubs, Cults or what ever you call it we suggest others do the same. Shit’s fucked up & bull shit out there and why face it alone even if you are all dressed like ninja’s wearing spooky masks that no one in the right mind would mess with.

-Keep it Short, Sexy. Everyone’s a precious unique snowflake but life is short, respect the time & energy others put into their passions by not being a bore. In plain English: Everyone wants to be heard but there is a time & place for everything.

-Manners Count. We find using people’s preferred name, gender pronoun, and requested way of being addressed way easier. If you go by the name SunTeslaHiggBossMon & you have no gender as we’d understand in our time space dimension so be it.
-GMO Free Ice Cream from Vermont is better to plot & scheme over than Pitchers of Cheap Beer. Using your Smart Phone with either in your hand is never effective but we will try and make food as well as celebration tactics part of our operational arsenal.

-Disagreeing is not Fighting. Healthy exchange of ideas are good & often things can look like a Troll fight at first glance. Let people disagree & get all loud about it. It doesn’t mean we’re still not pals, right?
-Comrades fly all color flags. We dig that. We respect that. All Hail Cthulhu, more cow bells & yes this operation flies under a rainbow flag.
-Gossip is boring. If the person isn’t around why would we talk about them. Much. Repeating stuff someone told you is for Facebook we will try to keep our dramas online and not on the front lines of this operation.
-We encourage a culture of consent and no always means no. Respect begins for other people’s stuff be it their bodies, backpack or reputation. Ask first. Someone might kill ya if you don’t. Kidding for a point.
-Transparency & Accountability. We like those. We also like privacy. Sharing ALL of your info isn’t always the best idea. When working together we will create ways to be accountable to ourselves, each other & the larger community so we don’t fuck anyone over. Especially ourselves and those we seek to help. Exemptions for Trolling & #Lulz, naturally.
-Don’t Feed The Trolls. Bait them, poke them. Point them out for others to see but we at #OpSafeWinter promote a policy of #Block & #MoveOn.
In short we will run our parts of #OpSafeWinterNYC with class, respect & a little style trying to keep our community’s values in mind as we Troll for Socks.
What #OpSafeWinter Needs:

1) Learn about current #OpSafeWinter efforts in real time by visiting Twitter and Following the accounts @OpSafeWinter, @OpSafeWinter & naturally us at @opsafewinternyc.
If Twitter is not your thing visit https://www.rebelmouse.com/OPsafeWinter/. This site provides feeds of projects & updates from #Anon in an easy to navigate & well curated format.

Explore what is going on in your area of the world. Is there effort to support those living in the streets? What organizations, groups or celebrities are taking steps that feel right to you? What is actually being done to make things better on an individual level? Are there any?
2) We’ve found a tactic of ‘Support Locally, Promote Globally’ to be useful for us & suggest all potential supporters, volunteers & individuals interested in becoming apart of #OpSafeWinter to do the same.

3) Amplify existing projects or Create your own. If there are already projects going on that you like follow their lead and support them in ways they ask.

No one doing it right? See a need going unmet? Something working well in another city that might work where you are at? Collaborate with people in your area and like minded people you can find online. Build it, throw a mask on it and call it #OpSafeWinter.

Welcome to horizontal organization. Experiment in the spirit of Anonymous using the ideas & frame work already crowd created. The only real mistake one can make in this operation is not taking action.

Do know that all projects are subject to peer review, online trolling and massive critique by the assemblage that is Anon. We’ll let ya know when things look amiss.
4) Be Safe & Document what you do for others to model & replicate if applicable. Use social media & your personal networks to spread the word about what you do.

Research things before you go off blindly into the dark trying to help someone you don’t know or didn’t expect Santa to be wearing a Halloween Mask. You will get hurt.
What #OpSafeWinter #NYC Needs:

Donations via Online Registry:
Promotion of the #D26 #OpSafeWinterNYC Event
Volunteers, Organizers, Artists & you to help with all aspects of the #Op.

Projects we need help with ASAP:

-Production of Promo Video with #OpWinterNYC ask
-A Group to Step up to do Clothing Supply Drive w Drop Off Location
-Creation of a Phone Ap to do canvasing
-Help Canvasing
-Donations to Amazon Gift Reg http://j.mp/OpSafeWinterNYC
-Help connecting to Bloggers, Media Outlets, Orgs
Specific Mutual Aid Item List to Follow.