OPSafeWinter – North Derbyshire

Guy Forkes ( https://www.facebook.com/guy.forkes.75?hc_location=stream )
OP Safe Winter is launched for North Derbyshire.

In this time when we are all planning for a Christmas with our families and loved ones, there are countless people who will be spending this incredibly bleak time of year outside in harsh conditions.

Whatever your opinion on how these people came to live on the street, whether by alcohol or drug dependency, poor financial management or just plain bad luck, these people are people the same as you or I. Regardless of someone’s luck, poor decision or fall from grace, a small amount of humanity can help to directly save their lives.

We all have things we don’t need, use or want which can help to provide another real person with warmth, shelter or sustenance. Sharing these things with a fellow human can offer an arm around the shoulder and give someone their given right to life for another winter.

I beg of you now, share what you can spare. A blanket, an old sleeping bag, an old duvet, tinned or dry food, a pair of warm socks, an old pair of trainers, that Christmas jumper your mother in law bought for you in 1976. All these things can help to see another person through the bitter winter we face.

If you have ANYTHING you can give, please get in touch by emailing iace...@gmail.com and we will organise these items to be collected and distributed to someone who desperately needs it.

This is NOT a “registered charity” and is a direct token of humanity in a response to the current state’s unwillingness to help these vulnerable people.


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